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Extensive and varied, our treatment menu invites you to indulge in a variety of healing treatments and therapies. Choose your services à la carte or select a curated Experience that combines the best of our Massage, Body Treatment, and Hand and Foot Therapies.



    Allow up to 5 hours
    - The Luxe Body: A Whitley Signature Experience - 110 min
    - The Whitley Signature Facial - 50 min
    - The Whitley Signature Manicure and Pedicure - 100 min


    Allow up to 3.5 hours
    - The Calm Down Massage - 50 min
    - The Southern Belle Facial - 50 min
    - The Luxe Pedicure - 80 min


    Allow up to 3 hours
    - The Southern Gentleman’s Massage - 50 min
    - The Perfect Gentleman’s Facial - 50 min
    - Gentleman’s Hand and Foot Detail - 50 min


    Allow up to 6 hours
    - The Luxe Body: A Whitley Signature Experience - 110 min
    - Hydrafacial - 80 min
    - The Luxe Manicure and Pedicure - 130 min


    Allow up to 2 hours
    - The Coupling Massage - 50 min
    - Couples Pedicure - 50 min

Massage Therapy


    50 min / 80 min
    Unwind and de-stress with this aromatic bespoke treatment. Our exclusive peach oil leaves skin soft and smooth. This invigorating and restorative massage awakens the senses while easing tension.

  • THE DEEP END $165 / $230

    50 min / 80 min
    Take it to the next level with a firm, thorough massage designed to alleviate tight muscles and unravel chronic tension patterns. Slow, concentrated movements and precise techniques help to ease even the most deep-seated aches and pains.

  • THE BABY BUMP $150 / $210

    50 min / 80 min
    For expecting mothers out of their first trimester, this gentle prenatal massage encourages circulation, relieving muscle and mental fatigue. Benefitting both mother and baby, this soothing rub alleviates common aches and discomfort associated with pregnancy and supports both physical and emotional health

  • THE CALM DOWN $150 / $220

    50 min / 80 min
    Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and take advantage of our most relaxing massage. Perfectly balanced between light and medium pressure. The Calm Down anoints the body with warm aromatherapy scented oils, releasing stress and centering your mind, body & soul.

  • THE HOTLANTA $185 / $245

    50 min / 80 min
    Using treated and heated basal rocks, this hot stone massage increases circulation, relieves muscle tension and promotes restful sleep. This rejuvenating experience melts away distractions and stress to restore well-being.

  • THE COUPLING $330 / $450

    50 min / 80 min
    Relax and reconnect in our private suite for two. Tailored to your individual needs, this full-body massage will send you and your partner on a blissful journey.


    50 min / 80 min
    De-stress from the day with a relaxing massage targeting muscle relief. Opt for strong pressure or moderate movements to unwind and decompress.

Massage Enhancements

  • YOGA BALM $25

    Muscle & Joint Relief

  • HOT STONE $25

    Stress & Muscle Tension Relief


    Exfoliation & Circulation

  • PARAFFIN WAX (Hands or Feet) $25

    Intense Hydration

Body Treatments


    50 min / 80 min
    Reveal your smoothest, softest skin ever with this sweet tea body exfoliation using apricot kernel seeds. The treatment finishes with the application of a decadent and deeply nourishing custom-blend peach oil.

  • THE POLISHED BODY $160 / $210

    50 min (includes salt exfoliation & skin hydration only)
    80 min (includes salt exfoliation & 50 min massage)

    Embark on a skin renewing transformation. After a dry skin buffing, fine mineral salts infused with your personalized essential oil blend exfoliate the body. Following a shower rinse, nourishing oils replenish the skin’s moisture for a smooth feel and radiant glow.

  • THE FOOT FIX $130

    50 min (This treatment does not include reflexology or a pedicure)
    Put your best foot forward with our restorative treatment that is good for the soles and the soul. Focusing on the muscles of the lower leg and the foot, this service aids in relieving cramped calves, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and sore arches. A cooling ointment assists in relieving tension and increasing circulation.


    110 min
    Let us pamper you with true southern hospitality with this all-encompassing experience. First, skin is brushed and polished using a sweet tea scrub blended with essential oils. Next, the body is enveloped in warm blankets allowing the salt minerals and aromatherapy to penetrate deeply into the skin while a scalp and foot massage is performed. After emerging from the wrap and having a rinse, hot stones are used to soothe back tension, and a hydrating custom-blend peach oil is used to massage the body, leaving it renewed, refreshed and feeling the love from the South.

Skin Therapy


    50 min / *80 min (*includes facial roller technique, advanced collagen mask and a foot massage)
    Using organic, European skin care products, our signature facial is customized for your skin type. A handmade blend of herbs, spices and fruits beautifully revives uneven, dull and fatigued skin for an immediate healthy, vibrant complexion. Tension melts away as warm towels infused with calming French Lavender are gently applied to the skin. Light steam opens the pores followed by an age renewal cleansers and exfoliant. Our exclusive peach oil is applied for a comforting face, neck, shoulder, scalp, arm and hand massage. A customized mask and restorative facial moisturizer enhance this treatment.


    50 min / *80 min (*includes facial roller technique, advanced collagen mask and a foot massage
    Unwind and drift away like a warm Southern breeze with this lovely age-corrective, resurfacing treatment. Advanced pore cleansing and a customized exfoliant with alpha hydroxy acids gently prepares your skin for this collagen boosting facial. Ultra-potent hyaluronic acid, peptides, coconut and antioxidant rich berries plump the skin from the inside out while smoothing facial lines and wrinkles. A soothing face, neck. scalp, shoulder, arm, and hand massage gently relaxes facial muscles while relieving stress. Cooling globes gently glide over the skin for a calming effect.

  • HYDRAFACIAL $250 / $350

    50 min / *80 min (*includes lymph drainage)
    This popular medical grade resurfacing treatment beautifully restores the skin with vortex infusion technology that delivers immediate results with no downtime necessary. The advanced treatment incorporates deep pore cleansing and exfoliation with LED light treatment, a peel, extractions and a collagen mask. A neck, shoulder, scalp, and arm and hand massage is included.


    50 min (face) / 80 min (face and body)
    Regenerate your skin with this professional peel for the face and body developed by Dr. Dennis Gross. The medical grade, alpha hydroxy peel reverses skin damage from years of external stressors and is followed by intense nourishing and age-defying moisturizers. Begin the reversal process and restore skin to a healthy, beautiful glow again. A neck, shoulder, scalp, arm and hand and foot massage are included.

Hand & Foot Therapy


    50 min
    Our signature locally-inspired manicure treatment buffs nails to perfection. A sweet tea shea sugar polish exfoliates the skin while our intoxicating exclusive peach oil softens arms and hands. A sweet tea shea butter cream is the perfect finish for perfectly manicured hands.


    50 min
    Our pedicure treatment buffs nails to perfection and includes cuticle and callus treatment. Feet soak in an apricot and peach milk bath before a sweet tea shea sugar polish exfoliates. Next, we layer a hydrating and toning honey yogurt heated mask. The signature leg and foot massage conclude with a fragrant peach oil and sweet tea shea butter cream.


    50 min
    Select this decadent experience to polish and exfoliate skin with seasonal products. An intense honey and papaya moisture serum is applied before hands are placed in heated mitts to lock in hydration. Followed by a luxurious arm and hand massage with a nourishing oil and shea butter cream, the luxe manicure includes your pick of an extended wear polish.


    80 min
    The ultimate intensive pedicure treatment includes dry brushing to aid in circulation Clarisonic’s Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation system buffs away calluses and rough patches. Seasonal products exfoliate and polish the skin, followed by a heated mask treatment for nourishment. Enjoy a luxurious leg and foot massage and a paraffin hydration treatment before your toes are painted with extended wear polish.

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